Your Winter Sister Hazel

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Wstęp: G D e C

GGrey ceiling on theD earth well its lasted for a e while
take my thoughts for what they're Cworth Ive been acting like a
Gchild and your opion what is Dthat its just a different point of
e view          C 
Gwhat else can I Ddo said im sorry and im e sorry ooh Cooh
GI said im sorry but what Dfor if i hurt you then i e hate my self
Dont wanna Chate my self dont wanna Ghurt you
Dwhy do you e choose that pain if you Conly knew how much i Dlove you

love you

GI wont Dbe you a winter     C 
GI wont Dbe anye ones excuse Cto cry
GWe cant Dbe fora given  C 
Gand DI will be e here

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