Under The Gun Sisters Of Mercy

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you don't have to say you're sorry
to look on further down the line
into the sun
too close at heaven
love is fine
but you can't hold it like a ...

two worlds apart and two together
into that good night kiss away
one takes the hard
one the other
kiss a way

are you living for love?
are you living for love?
when the road gets too tough
is your love strong enough?

(are you living?)
(are you living for love?)

do you feel your head is full of thunder?
questions never end?
empty nights alone? no wonder
it all comes back again

are you living for love?
are you living for love?
I've been under the gun
I've lost and I've ...

(one, two, three, four ...)
forget the many steps to heaven
it never happened and it ain't so hard
happiness is a loaded weapon and a
short cut is better by far
explosive bolts, ten thousand volts
at a million miles an hour
abrasive wheels and molten metals
it's a semi-automatic, get in the car
corrosive heart and frozen heat
we're worlds apart where we could meet
where the street fold round and the motors start
and the idiot wields the power
where the chosen hold the highest card
on the field of honour where the ground is hard
so the highest hand is joking wild
and the house soon fold and no-one stand
I put my finger on and dialled
the tower, the moon, the gun, and
nine nine nine, singer down
cloudburst and all around
the first are last, the blessed get wired
the best is yet to come
I put my finger on and fired
heat-seeking, out of the sun
you can set the controls for the heart or the knees
and the meek'll inherit what they damn well please
get ahead, go figure, go ahead and pull the trigger
everything under the gun

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