Take good care of my baby Smokie

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AMy tears are ffisallin'
'Cause you've Dtaken her aEway
And Athough it really A7hurts me so
There's sDomethin' that I've got to sEay...

A fis D E A fis D E

ATake good fiscare of my DbabyE 
APlease don't fisever make her bluDe    E 
AJust tell her tA7hat you love her
DMake sure you're thdinkin' of her
AIn everythfising you say and doD    E 

ATake good fiscare of my DbabyE 
ANow don't youfis ever make her crDy    E 
AJust let your lA7ove surround her
DMake a rainbow all daround her
ADon't fislet her seDe the cloEudy skyA    A7  

DOnce upon a tEime
That lcisittle girl was fismine
hI've been trEue, I kncisow she nefisver be whith you E 

ATake good fiscare of my DbabyE 
ABe just asfis kind as you can Dbe   E 
AAnd if you shA7ould discover
DThat you don't rdeally love her
AJust send my fisbaby back hDome Eto Ame

BAnd if you sH7hould discover
DisThat you don't redisally love her
HJust send my bgaby back Dishome tFo mHe

BTake goodg care oDisf my baFby

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