No One's Kind Staind

Tekst piosenki

  • Tekst piosenki Joanka
What the fuck's the purpose
I didn't scratch the surface
Immune to what your saying
All along decaying
Can't see thru the fire
Darkness lone desire
Quiet in my corner
Building up the border

Can't stand the way you make me feel today
No one's kind is all you'll ever be

Can't see thru the rain
Too much time
No sublime
Loss of energy
No symmentry
Fuck society
Lost in naivety


Can't bite the hand that feeds me
Can't take away what's in me

Addicted to the feelings
Lose touch with all i've know
The cobwebs on the ceiling
Make me aware that i'm all alone

The endless rain washes all away
Makes clean the mess I have made

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