Heaven's not Enough Steve Conte

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Heaven's not enough

If when you get there...

Just another blue

And heaven's not enough

You think you've found it

And it loses you

You've thought of all there is

But not enough

And it loses you in a cloud

"There" most everthing is nothin' That it seems

"Where" you see the things you only wanna see

I'd fly away

To a higher plane

To say words I resist

To float away

To sigh
To breathe... forget


a And heaven's not a7 enough
If when I'm there I don&#F39;t remembFer you
a And heaven does enough   a7    

You think you know it
And it usFes you    F 

a I saw so many thina7 gs 
ButF like a dream   F 
Always la osing ma7 e in a clFoud    F 

Cause I a couldn't cry
CausGe I turned away
CouldDn't see the score

Didn'a ;t know the pain
Of lGeaving yesterday
reallDy far behind

In anotha er life
In aGnother dream
By a Ddifferent name

Gave it a all away
For Ga memory
And aD quiet lie

And I fea lt the face
Of aG cold tonight
StillD don't know the score

But I kna ow the pain
Of lGeaving everthing
reallDy far behind

If I a could cry
If I Gcould live what Ctruth I did then take mFe there

Heaven goodbye AH ah
            C|--------0-------a |---------e -------|


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