Lost Bird Syd Matters

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[Zwrotka 1]
Cisx6 dis   

CisSmall lies, distiny heart
CisYour journey has disworn you out
CisI see nothing but disshame in your sFmile  b    

b A lost bird's flying hFigh

[Zwrotka 2]
CisOld face, distired ears
CisWrong turnings and dissouvenirs
CisI see hundreds of dismemories when you Fsay b    

b A lost bird Fremembers

[Zwrotka 3]
CisC'mon choose a disday
CisTo say what you have to dissay
CisTo ask me to come and display in the Fclouds b    

b I'm a lost bird in a Fclear sky

[Zwrotka 4]
CisSlow down disneed a rest
CisWill settle disaround your nest
CisI thought I could Disbe your guest
gisFor a Fwhile b       F 

[Zwrotka 5]
CisI've had my diswings for rent
CisI fly by disaccident
CisI've never been dissane it's a lie   F 

disC'mon give a Cishand
disWelcome me as a Cisfriend
disFree to come Cisback again anyFtime b    

b I'm a lost bird in a Fclear sky

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