Chewbacca Taco Hemingway

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Mind hairy, money tall as fuck. Call me Chewbacca
I don't want to listen any Chuck, give me some Waka
"JFK" kind of flopped, I blame it on Jimmy Hoffa
It’s a race, I'm a big fat rat like Mickey's poppa
Fuck the race, I’ve been in the back. Sharpen the teeth. I'm skinning you cats
Running the game, going up in the chain and I will harassing your bitches in fact
H.E.M.I.N.G.W. A.Y, is that fucking dude bugging you, huh?
Mr. Hemingway coming through, ugh. Earning my bucks, who the fuck are you
Rolling me in Bohan, going bowling with Roman
Bellic it's getting hectic but, check it, I come from Poland
I'm blowing up in London, there's only one thing that I'm hoping
I wanna get a fucking feature from Sweden, shout-outs to Young Lean
Shout-outs to Pauline, uhm, I was just wondering
If you wanna get married, "goddamn it, Filip, you're drunk again"
Wake up next day, head broke again. Trying to roll a cigarette, man, fuck the wind
No cash, cause I spent most of it. Was it even worth it, man, it must've been

I'm Chewbacca. Crossbow, top shotta
I'm Chewbacca on these bombaclots
I'm Chewbaca. Crossbow at the copper
What am I doing? I just drank a lot
I'm screaming:
Goddamn. You motherfucker, you

I'm Chewie, see, put the Louie in Louis V
And I'm saying shout-outs to C.K, he's saying like "who is he"?
When I was seventeen on a rooftop in BK, I truly dreamed
Of becoming a freaking MC, I'm rapping now, holy shit
These rappers annoying
Me and the mic, like Chandler and Joey
Look at my balls, they're dangling, boy
I'm marrying Perry and strangling Zoey
You fuckers are cute
Feeling like Biggie so gimme the loot
Fuck all your parties and popping the mollies
My mommy just brought up some broccoli soup
All you blind fucks is Mrs Patmore
Peep this, how 'bout you tweet less and rap more
Jeez. If I was rich like Croesus and Macklemore
I think that I would buy me a dream at Yeezy's rap store
Maybe like a bottle of wine
Or two, three, four, you know I think a dozen is fine
A pack of cigarettes, you know I haven't smoked for some time
I got a message from a fan, fuck it, I'm not replying
You know why? 'I'm a diva. Fuck rap, playing FIFA
I do a show fuck off to Tenerifa
All you fuckers eat your hearts out like Khaleesi's beef
I plant the seed in the game like I harvest Amber Khalifa

I'm Chewbacca. Crossbow, top shotta
I'm Chewbacca on these bombaclots
I'm Chewbaca. Crossbow at the copper
What am I doing? I just drank a lot
I'm screaming:
"Goddamn. You motherfucker, you!"

Drink something and I'm a Wookie
Only though my only mixtape flopped, I'm not a rookie
I can almost hear hateful your thoughts like I was Sookie
Do a Vik, bet the dead guy will win, go call your bookie
Earl flow, and the lips kinda fat, I'm not as ugly
Face always IDGAF, like I was Droopy
Stole the thunder, got banned, got back I got a new key
'Finna start a fucking cool ass cult, like Captain Murphy
Taco Hems, go and run tell your friends, I'm out-this-worldly
Cancerous, like the Lump is my Kin, shout out to Lurleen
Are you late for the Sweatshirt wagon? Well, I'm kind of Early
But I bet it's gonna be full soon, you better hurry
Young Hems, known for lung flex
Rhymes bursting out compulsive like writing a dumb text
I will break your self-esteem after breaking your chums' necks
Show up at your show drunk and befriending your mum's ex, Taco

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