Luck Taco Hemingway

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I'm the whitest black man, I'm the blackest white man
I'm inhaling grey smoke, it's chocking my lifespan
Red wine in my left, cigar in my right hand
Grab my chest. My heart's a jungle with ripe land
Watch him fight back. Leave them flabbergasted
Leaving green phlegm in your favorite rapper's casket
You know it's fantastic. Spit on the crowd. (That's sick.)
The raised hands make me mad, you got a question then ask it
Greedy narcissists; see them leaning now
Push them over the edge of the bank so I can see them drown
Spray my bitter seed right out the window, see my semen frown
Neighbours up my ass: "pal, you think you could keep it down?"
I don't know how. I'm just being weird, not being loud
And there's no way I can think of that I could tone the shit down
But fuck that, I'll do my best, not a peep or a sound
I make a serious face, tell the grim reaper "not now". Fuck

"All my life I've been considered as the worst
Lying to my mother, even stealing out her purse"
All my life i've been considered as a golden child
Mind is broken now, I try to tone it down, I don't know how
"All my life I've been considered as the worst
Lying to my mother, even stealing out her purse"
One of those occasions when a gift is a curse
"All my life I've been considered as the worst."

Nah, that ain't true. I'm a good boy
I want a tattoo cause Rihanna's fucking them rude boys
I'm going crazy on these fucking beats, like a Shrute boy
I'm inside her in a trojan, being like "what it do, troy"
She grabbed my heart and called it a cute toy
Karma hit me like DJ Khaled fathering a mute boy
Saying that shit was a true joy
Though I'm not sure if what I'm fucking saying's a true story
Anyway. When you're making my tombstone
Just write "here lies a boy, hella young but too grown
And every drop of wine he vomited was a new poem
But he flushed the fucking toilet every fucking time, cause it looked wrong"
I'm a heartbreaker. It's very true, I can hook you up with hard data
I'm part real, part faker. Me&mic, pepper/salt-shaker
Escape first, read the charge later. They said I'm:
"Kinda faggy with the artistry". Told them I agree
But they didn't like the honesty. I said I'm fucking real
I've seen gods die and goddesses bleed
I've seen the devil dancing tango on the tallest of trees
Exactly. It's beautiful but it's not pretty
I'm gonna be a dumb fuck with a college degree
So look at me, doing ballet with led in my bones
And then I'm bumping oldies off my cellular phone, whoa

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