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C G a F
C G a F

I Cwalked through the door with youG, the air was cold
But a something 'bout it felt like Fhome somehow, and I
CLeft my scarf there at your Gsister's house
And you a still got it, in your Fdrawer, even now

C G a F

Oh your Csweet dispositon and my Gwide eyed gaze
We're a singing in the car getting Flost upstate

The Cautumn leaves falling down like Gpieces into place
And I a can picture it after Fall these days

And I Cknow it's long gone and, and Gmagics not here no more
And I a might be okay but I'm not Gfine at alFl  G   a     G 

'Cause Cthere we are again on that Glittle town street
You a almost ran the red 'cause you were Flookin' over at me
Wind in my Chair, I was there, I reGmember it all too a well F 

Photo Calbum on the counter your Gcheeks were turning red
You used to be a a little kid with glasses in a Ftwin size bed
And your Cmothers telling stories 'bout you on a Gt-ball team
You a taught me 'bout your past thinkin' your Ffuture was me

And I Cknow it's long gone and it was Gnothing else I could do
And I a forget about you long enough to Gforget why I needed Fto G   a     G 

'Cause Chere we are again in the Gmiddle of the night
We a dance around the kitchen in the reFfrigerator light
Down the Cstairs, I was there, I reGmember it all too a well F 

C G a F G

Maybe we got Clost in translation maybe I Gasked for too much
But maybe this a thing was a masterpiece 'til you Ftore it all up
Running Cscared, I was there, I reGmember it all tooa welFl
Hey, you Ccall me up again just to Gbreak me like a promise
So a casually cruel in the name Fof being honest
I'm a crumCpled up piece of paper lyin'G here
Cause I remember it a all all aFll too wellC   G   a     F 

CTime won't fly it's like I'm Gparalyzed by it
I'd like to a be my old self again but I'm Fstill tryin' to find it
After Cplaid shirt days and nights when you Gmade me your own
Now you a mail back my things and I Fwalk home alone
But you Ckeep my old scarf from that Gvery first week
'Cause it rea minds you of innocence and it Fsmells like me
You cant get Crid of it 'cause you reGmember it all tooa welFl yeah

'Cause Cthere we are again when I Gloved you so
a Back before you lost the one real Fthing you've ever known
It was Crare, I was there, I reGmember it all tooa welFl
Wind in my Chair, you were there, you reGmember it oh
Down the a stairs, you were there, you reFmember it all
It was Crare, I was there, I reGmember it all tooa welFl

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