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D A e G x2

[Verse 1:]
DI like the way you Asound in the morning

e Were on the phone and Gwithout a warning

DI realize your Alaugh is the best sound

e I have Gever heard.

DI like the way I Acan't keep my focus

e I watch you talk, Gyou didn't notice

DI hear the words but Aall I can think is

e We should be Gtogether


e Every time you smile, I smile

GAnd every time you shine,

AI'll shine for you.


DWhoa I'm feeling you baby

ADon't be afraid to

e Jump then fall

GJump then Afall into me

DBe there never gonna leave you

ASee that you wanma be with mee too

G A (Hold) D
So imma stay through it all so jump then fall.

A Ooh-oh-e oh    G  D  A  e    G 

[Verse2:] Same chords as verse 1
Well I like the way your hair falls in your face
You got the keys to me
I love each freckle on your face
I've never been so wrapped up
Honey I like the way you're everything I ever wanted

I had time to think it all over
And all I can say is come closer
Take a deep breath and jump then fall into me

e Every time you smile, I smile...

Refren :
WDhoa I'm feeling......

The e bottoms gonna drop Gout from underDneath
I'll catch you

AI'll catch you

And e people say things that Gbring you to your Dknees

I'A;ll catch you

The e time is gonna come when you'G;re so mad you coDuld Acry

But i'e ;ll hold you through Gthe night until Ayou smile

[Chorus:] {takie same chwyty jak w pierwszej)

Whoa I need you baby
Don't be afraid
Please jump then fall
Jump then fall into me

Be there I'm never gonna leave you
See that you wanna be with me too
Cuz Imma stay through it all so jump then fall.

Jump then Afall Baby

e Jump then fall G 
Into me
Into me

e Every time you smile, I smile

And Gevery time you shine, I shine

And Devery time you're here

Baby I'A;ll show you
I'll show you we can

DJump then fall

AJump then fall

e Jump then fall G 
Into me

Into me  D 

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