Capitol Radio The Clash

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E   BYes, it's Etime forA 

E  B  E  A   the Dr. GEoeBbbeEls cisShow!A      B 

There's a Etower in the Bheart of ELondonA 
With a Eradio station Bright at the Etop A 
EThey don't Bmake the Ecity cisbeat
They're Amaking all the action Bstop

A Elong time aBgo they were EpiratesA 
EBeaming waves Bfrom the EseaA 
But Enow all the fisstations are Asilenced
'Cos they Aain't got a Bgovernment Elicense

Wanna tell your problems
Phone in from your bedsit room
Having trouble with your partner
Let us all in on the news

If you wanna hear a record
Get the word from Aiden Day
He picks all the hits to play
To keep you in your place all day

E cis A B (repeat)
Ca - pital Radi - o
In tune with nothing
Don't touch that dial

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Kamil Grabiński
Kamil Grabiński