Hollywood The Cranberries

eI've got a Cpicture in my head,a in my head.                e 
It's me and yoCu, we are in bed, wae are in bed.                   e 
You've always been therCe when I called, when I acalled                          e 
You'll always be theCre most of all, all, all     a 

eThis is notC Hollywood like,         a 
I understood, Is enot HollyCwood like, like, laike,
Run away, erun away, is therCe anybody there?   a 
Run away, erun away, is theCre anybody there?  a 

Get away, eget away, geCt away.          a 

I've got a picture in my room, in my room.
I will return there I presume, it should be soon.
The greatest irony of all, shoot the wall.
It's not so glamourous at all, all, all.

This is not Hollywood like,
I understood, Is not Hollywood like, like, like,

Run away, run away, is there anybody there?
Run away, run away, is there anybody there?

Get away, get away, get away.

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