It's Your World Now The Eagles

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C d G7 C G

A perfect Cday, the sun is sdinkin' low
As evening fG7alls, the gentle brCeezes blow  G 
The time we shCared went by so fdast
Just like a drG7eam, we knew it coCuldn't last G 
But I'd do it aCll again
If I could, somedhow
I must be leG7avin' soon
It's your world Cnow  G 

It's your world Cnow
My race is drun
I'm moving G7on
Like the setting Csun  G 
No sad goodbCyes
No tears allodwed
You'll be alrG7ight
It's your world Cnow  G 

C d G7 C C7

FEven when wfe are aCpart
FYou'll always fbe in my Cheart
When daark clouds appEear in the saky
RemeDmber true lD7ove never dG7ies

But first a kCiss, one glass of wdine
Just one more dG7ance while there's still Ctime  G 
My one last wCish: someday, you'll dsee
How hard I trG7ied and how much you meCant to me  G 

It's your world Cnow
Use well the dtime
Be part of soG7mething good
Leave something good bCehind G 
The curtain fCalls
I take my dbow
That's how it's meG7ant to be
It's your world Cnow  G 
It's your world nCow  f 
It's your world nCow

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Piotr Kwiatkowski