Sailor Song (Moitessier) The Lumineers

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Loneliness oh won't you let me be
Let me be and I will set you free
Don't you think if it was up to me
I would choose to be happy

Let me go
Say my goodbyes
There's no glory for me at the starting line
I was on my own in a search for the golden life

Oh I was leaving for the East horizon
And Joshua was on sea of diamonds
I left my home, it was not wrong for me to leave
I could not hold all of your promises to keep

And I was on my own in a broken boat, I cried
And what'd I give to know, is it me who's on your mind?

I left my love, it was not wrong for me to do
The slingshot fired it moved my words from me to you

So I'd been their Lord and Saviour
They loved their trophies, but they hate the labor
The loneliest that I ever get
Is when I lose her voice inside the wind

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