Fourpenny Bus Ride The Police

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  • Tekst piosenki Redakcja age...when peeeeeople say,..."I...can't face...another day."

A fourpenny bus ride can take
One hour away
Out of his life
'Cause Johnny's a worker;
He works from nine to five
And home to the wife

From his boring day
He is far away...

The same little bus ride
Provides him with a way
To face his day
From Tooting to Chiswick,
His mind is free to roam
Far from his home

In the land of smiles
He rides for miles and miles...

He looks out the window
And dreams of days in the past
He knew wouldn't last
The standing conductor is there,
Asks him for his fare
And gives him a stare

Millions every day
Have to get away...

So take a fourpenny bus ride to where
People don't stare
Or get in your hair
There' a million and one things to be
When you learn how
To be free

Living day to day,
Each must find his way...

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