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Dirty streets of London T.Love

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E            H
I came from fuckin' Poland
      A                         H
And I tried to find some money in the West
I chose this fuckin' city
Because I thought it could be the best
To break my mistery
To drink one drop of happiness
With my rock'n'roll heart
You know I was a special guest

E            H
Oh dirty streets
Fis                 A           H
Oh dirty, dirty streets of London
Red buses in the rain
Oh dirty streets of pain

I spend some time in subways
And then I found some fuckin' pub
Some drunken guys were singing
The old sad song about the thing called love
I was looking for you babe
Where city lights are shining bright
Oh, babe i saw you there
Where a dirty river gently cries

Oh dirty streets ...

I wake up in the morning
And walked along the crowded streets
Where a thousands of people sailed
Between the cars in the midday heat
I love this fucking city
Where neon lights could make you rest
I come from fuckin' Poland
To find some money in the West

Oh dirty streets ...

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