All or nothing Vanessa Hudgens

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All or Nothing

TChey can play lGet's pretend
Maake out like theirF my best friend C 
TGelling their laies  F 
and they can scCheme behind Gmy back
Maake fiction Fout of facts
TCry to reG-write my laife  F 
But tahey Gain't got a Cclue
If FI were in their shaoes
I'd sGhut right uDp(up,up)

TaCke me aGs I aam
Or nFot at aCll
I ain't eGver gonna chaange myself for Fno one
CNo cGompromaise
Cause iFts my liDfe
It's aGll or nothing

[zwrotka 2]
TChey can laugh aGll they like
agot no need to Fjustify C 
I Gam who I aam
And they can Cdo their worst Gif they dare
If it maakes them happy Fwe don't care C 
It's oGut of their haands  F 
Cause thaey Gain't got a cClue
If wFe were in their shaoes
We'd shGut right uDp(up,up)

[refren] 2x

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