Fuck the Read Slim Shady Vanilla Ice

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Vanilla Ice
Fuck the Read Slim Shady (eminem diss)
Can I have your attention please?
Can I have your attention please?
Will the real slim shady please kiss my mother fuckin ass
I repeat: will the real slim shady please kiss
my mother fuckin ass, thank you
Yo, you act like you’re the only white person that can rhyme
I tie both hands behind my spine
and still beat you like you committed a crime
In matter fact you did,
aint you just get arrested cause your wife
was in a club with some dude bein molested?
Yo, haven’t you really tried to be a playa
Hey you aint no playa
Walkin with an unloaded gun
Talking about I’m gonna spray ya
I’m a real rhyme sayer with some years on ya
You know you really want Britney Spears rib on ya
You couldn’t handle that body
She’s a dance
One look at your small dick
She’d be like “is that your final answer?”
Regis Filman might have to fill in
When I’m still in camp
For every spin up on my jungle gym
No offense to Detroit
But I’m from New York
Where we talk the talk and where we walk the walk
And after dark you’re gone
And you’ve been warned we strong
So when I drop the bomb
From Long Island it’s on
So the next time when you’re in NYC
Leavin MTV
No it’s not VET
Come see me
Put all that money up where your mouth is
Unless you spent it all on your commissary account, kid
I’m still gonna see ya
After your court day
You know the one where they figure out your child support rate
You might be a raise
But remember I aint caged
I’m an underage
And you’re not the only one that’s crazed
So leave your Dr. Dre’s
And your empty A-K’s
Bring your microphone and your pale face
Bring your daughter
Be prepared when she asks,
“Yo dada, why you let that man out rap your ass?”
Yo slim shady
Yea, you the real shady
But your married wife
Acting like she still a single lady
So the real slim shady needs to shut the fuck up
Cause the last I’d heard you had got locked up
So to slim shady
This once for you baby
There’s still cats on the mic that can
Out rap you daily
The real slim shady take back your platinum
And shove them up your flat platinum ass biatch!

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