Believe in love Whitney Houston

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You feel you can't get through these trying times
And just because no one's around you
You think you're alone
But just remember there is something
That's always with you
Lending shelter from the rain
picking you up and whispering
I am here so cast the love you can
I'll take the pain when it's too hard too bear
I'll be here for you if you believe

No matter how high you climb (glide?)
Be sure you know the reason why
The one thing that got you there is love (is love)
Whenever you're a loose inside (losing sight?)
Love is there to be your guide
Know that there's always a care in love
(if you believe in love)

When situations come, all hope seems gone
You feel there's not a single reason for life to go on
Don't you know that there are mountains we almost climb
But when you reach that mountain's peak
You'll overcome without defeat
I am here with all the strength you need
I'll help you climb that mountain's highest peak
I'll be here for you if you believe


Love is the key
And within love you'll find
That when you're alone
You'll have peace of mind (oh yes you will)
Having the strength to make it through the day
Believe and love will make the way


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