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Bicie - dół-dół,góra-góra,dół,góra (D DU UDU)
dół-dół,góra-góra,dół,góra-góra,dół,góra-góra,dół,góra (D DU UDU UDU UDU)

A cis fis d
A cis fis D d

[Zwrotka 1]
[A*]Life isn't quite what I thought it'd be
When [cis*]I was a kid on VoIP
I [fis*]thought when I'd get older, I'd [D*]marry her
I [d *]told her

But Anow I'm 26, work in an office
cis9 'til 5, not the best, I'll be honest
fis If I could change a single [D*]thing
I'd make it [d *]me and not hAim

[Zwrotka 2]
fis But she's living the dream  cis   
Oh, fisshe's living the dream
From [D*]back when we were seventeen

Oh, Ayeah I've met Jared
('Course I've met Jared)
The cisone who took you away from me
fis You hit it off instantly
I [D*]know, 'cause you won't stop [D*]telling me

I've Aseen his jawline, shoulders, and muscles
cisPush against his fashion sense
fis I've thought about what he looks like [D*]nude
(I'm not gay, though)[d *]     A 

But [D*]he's in your bed
And I'm [d *]in your Twitch chatA 
I've [D*]got your key
But he's [d *]just the doormatA 

And Deven though he's got d social skills
ADoesn't mean I can't cispay the bills
DAnyways, make the d most of him
'Cause Ashe moves on pretty cisbloody quick
Oh-oDh  d   
'cause y[b *]our new boyfriend's an [b *]asshole

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