Alive X

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I'm wandering the town all light off
I don't know where I'm leaving for
The muddy rain start to fall on me
And I'm walking down to subway

I can't see all around me
Get me out of here
Talk to me if osmeone is in this darkness

I'm out of my head
Out of my mind
Tell me where I'm what's going on , oh please

Something is hiding me off
Is this the wall of my heart

I have been lost so many things I've got
For long time I've been searching for my way

I carry on, carry on ...

I'm so spiting to their ugly heart
to this so stood world

Everyday I forbear to fall the tears
don't wanna be down

Everynight hurt is so deep in my heart
Is this my life
Oh ! Show me please

The wall close to me
It's so painful. Stop it !
Is there someone to help me
Please get me out of here
Oh ! get me out !

Dead or alive, no place to run
Get it settled once and for all
Dead or alive, can't live in the past
only one way to live.

* Give me heart finishing blow
If I could only turn my back
Let me do screaming high
Squeeze the throes of death for me

It comes here the blame I'd done before
Fall on me as if it grow in my brain
The ugly side of myself tears me up
At this time I can't go back

Give my heart finishing blow
If I couldn't run from the past
Let me do screaming high
Disclose the feeling inside of me

Dead or alive, Can't live in the past
only one way to live

* repeat

The fight is over
the mad rain had gone past over me
blood is flowing down
tear is flowing down
Now I'm alive and I'm walking to town again

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