Situation Yazoo

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  • Chwyty na gitarę moniablu
Blue eyed Cisdressed for every situBation    Cis        B 
CisMoving through the Bdoorway of a Cisnation B 
FisPick me up and shake the doubt
GisBaby I cant do without

CisMove out, dont mBess around
CisMove out, you Bbring me down
CisMove out, how you Bget about
DisDont make a sound just mGisove out

CisI remember Bonly for an Cishour B 
CisMove right through me Bcan you feel the Cispower B 
FisI dont know whats going on
GisIt scares me but it wont take long

CisNow hes in contBrol he is my lCisover  B 
CisNations stand Bagainst him hes your bCisrother  B 
FisBeen a long time, been a long time now
GisIll get to you somehow

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