Colour of Sin Ye Banished Privateers

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I may be a simple lass, but of sin I am free
I say me prayers, attend the mass, so paradise I will see
Me face is pretty, so I've been told, I've had me share of swains
One of which were far to bold, to impious and too vain

So I opened his gut, with a single deep cut, and his boots turned warm n'red
Then he knelt in the sand, with his bowels in hand, as slowly to death he bled

And then the man who looked fer bass, in me barrow at the square
Then asked fer me to be his lass, he said he'd pay me fair
But I have kept me chastity, abstained from adultery
But he listened not and he would not see, as he reached put fer me
So I shoveled his mouth, down a barrel of trout, till his knuckles turned bony white
As he struggled for air, but I held him down there till he finally gave up the fight

One day it seemed me luck had turned, as there approached to me
A noble lad who fer me yearned, he wished to marry me
He courted me fer many weeks, till finally I sad aye
But then his friend with rosy cheeks, tried drunk to with me lay

So I had the man hanged, as me wedding bells rang, so his pants turned soiled 'n' brown
Then his eyes filled with blood, and he dropped in the mud, as the hang-man cut him down

And so came then me wedding night, fer which I had so longed
But his moves were far from right, to heathens they belonged!

So I smothered me man, with me pillow in hand, till his prick turned stiff and black
Then I dug him a grave, so his soul I'd save
Now I a widow may be, but from sin I am free
Now I a widow may be, but from sin I am free
And with his pension, I money won't lack

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