Getaway car Audioslave

FThe first time I saw you
You wera e chasing down aF cyclone
All alone ia n a field
With rFail yards and clovers a   
I kept rFolling on and never though
You'd wind up cha asing me

CWell settle down, I won't Fhesitate  e   
To hit the d highway
Before Eyou lE7ay me to waste
a Settle up and I'll hFelp you fe ind
Something to dd rive, before you EdrivE7e me insane

FYou're tired of walking anda you

Loathe the ground
FThe sidewalk will barely
Touch your a feet and lFife moves
Too slowly to ha old you down
With rFinging hands
You take it out ona me

FSo get yourself a car and drive it all a night long
FGet yourself a car and ride it on the wa ind

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