Take Me Away Avril Lavigne

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Take me away

I cannot find a way to describe it e D C
It's there inside; all I do is hide e D C
I wish that it would just go away e D C
What would you do, you do, if you knew e D C
What would you do C

All the pain I thought I knew e D
All my thoughts lead back to you C
Back to what was never said e D
Back and forth inside my head C
I can't handle this confusion e D C
I'm unable; come and take me away e D C

I feel like I am all alone e D C
All by myself I need to get around it e D C
My words are cold, I don't want them to hurt you e D C
If I show you, I don't think you'd understand e D C
Cause no one understands C


I'm going nowhere [on and on and] e D C
I'm getting nowhere [on and on and on] e D C
Take me away
I'm going nowhere [on and off and off and on] e D C
[and off and on] C


Take me away
Take me away
Take me away
Take me away

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