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AI am hanging iBn the bathrooAm at the bBiggest pAarty of cisthe fall
AI could stay right hBere or disappear   A 
Band nobody'd evenA notice at aEll

AI'm a creepeBr in a bathAroom cause Bmy buddycis kinda left me alone
Abut i'd Brather fAake pee than stand awkwardly
Band pretAend to check aB text oEn my phone

gisEverything felt fine
Bwhen I wE/Bas half ofB a pair
gisand through no fault of mine
Athere'sB no other half there

Now I'm just

EMichael in the bathroomB 
cisMichael Ain theE bathroom at a party
BForget how long its been
EI'm just Michael in theB bathroom
cisMichael inA the bgisathroom at a party
ANo, you canB't come in

AI'm waiting it oBut 'til it's time I leave
cisand picking at groFis7ut while I softly grieve

I'm just
E/BMichael wGis7ho you don't know
cisMichaelFis7 flying solo
AMichael Bin thAe bathroom by himself
BAll byA himsBelf

AI am hiding,
BbutA he's out there
BJusAt iBgnocisring all our history
AMemoBries get erased
ATheBn I'll get replaced
AWith a Bnewer cooler verEsion of me

gisAnd I hear a drunk girl
BSinging along to Whitney through the door

"I wanna dance with somebody!"
gisAnd my feelings sink

Cause it makes me think
ANow there's no one to make Bfun of drunk girls with anymore

now its just

EMichael in the baBthroom
cisMichael in the bAathroom at aE party
BI have regret the beers
EMichael in theB bathroom
CisMichael inA the bathrogisom at a party
AAs I choke backB the tears

AI'll wait as long as I need
B'Til my face is dry
cisOr I'll just blame it on weed
Fis7Or something in my eye

I'm just
EMichael who yGis7ou don't know
cisMichael flyiFis7n' solo
MichAael in the Bbathroom by himAselBf    A    B 

AKnock, Bknock, knock, knock
AThey'reB gonna start to shout soon
AKnock, Bknock, knock, knock
AAh hellB yeah I'll be out soon
AKnock, Bknock, knock, knock
B It sucks he lC7eft me here alone
B Knock, knock,C7 knock, knock
B Here in this C7teenage battlezone
B Clang, clang,C7 clang, clang
CI feel the prD7essure blowing up
CBang, bang, bD7ang, bang
CisMy big mistaDis7ke was showing up
CisSplash, splaDis7sh, splash, splash

CisI throw someDis7 water in my face
cisAnd I am in a better place
FisI go to open up the door
ABut I caBn't hear knocking


gisAnd I can't help but yearn
BFor a different time
gisBut then I look in the mirror

And the present is clearer
AAnd there's no denying
BI'm just
E B cis A

E... at a party
AIs there a saddBer sight
cisMichael in tAhe bathrBoom at a party
A/BThis is a heinous night
AI wish I stayed at home in bed
BWatching cable porn
cisOr wish I offed myself instead
Fis7Wish I was never born

E/BI'm just Michael
Who's a loner
cisHe must Fis7be a stoner
ERideGis7s a PT Cruiser
cisGod he's Fis7such a loser

EMichaGis7el flying solo
cisWho you thFis7ink that you know
AMichaelB in the bathroom by himseAlf B     A 
BAll bAy hiBmselfA 
BAll bAy hBimselAf  B 

AWheBn all you know about me
Ais Bmy name
fisAwesome party
BI'm so glaEd I came

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