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CC-c-c c'Bmon, cC-c-c- c'moBn,

Go, go
CC-c-c c'Bmon, c-Cc-c- c'mBon,

Go, go

CI'm waBiting for my poCrno to load
CMy braBin is gonna freCakin' explode
CAnd now, of coBurse, it's time to hCit the road
Which Ameans I'll be unEcomfortable all dCay
But that reBally isn't sCuch a change
CIf I'm not feBeling weird or suCper strange
My Alife would be in Eutter disarFray
F'Cause freaking Gout is my okay
FGood morning Gtime to start the Cday!

[Refren 1]
CC-c-c c'Bmon, cC-c-c- c'moBn,

Go, go
CC-c-c c'Bmon, cC-c-c- c'moBn,

Go, go

AShould I Gtake a bus or Awalk instead?
AI feel my Gstomach filling Aup with dread
AWhen I get neGrvous my whole faAce goes red
Dude, dweigh the options Ecalmly and be still
A Ajunior oGn the bus is kAiller weak
But if I Awalk when I arGrive I'm gonna strAaight up reek
And my Aboxers will be Gbunchy and my Apits will leak
dUgh, God, I Ewish I had the skill
FTo just be Gfine and cool and Cchill

[Refren 2]
I don't wanna be a hFero
Just wanna Gstay in the laine
I'll never be your Rob DeFNiro
For me Joe GPesci is faine
FSo I follow my own rules
And I use them as myG tools
To Estay aalive
I don't wanna be spdecial, nFo, no
GI just wanna survive

[Refren 1]
CC-c-c c'Bmon, cC-c-c- c'moBn,

Go, go
CC-c-c c'Bmon, cC-c-c- c'moBn,

Go, go

CI Bnavigate the Cdangerous hall
CFocus Bon a poster Cthere on the wall
CAvoiding Bany eye Ccontact at all
And Atrying hard Eto remain unCseen
CThe poster's clBoser now, whCat does it say?
CIt's a siBgn-up for the afCter-school play
CIt's a sigBn-up sheet for geCtting called gay
And Athat's not what I Eneed right now
End scFene
I hang a lGeft and there's
ChFristine Canigula

AWell, that was Gsmooth
Yeah, that was sAuper pimp
My AMac Daddy Ggame couldn't Abe more limp
dNo time to Ewallow, no, insFtead,
Just clear your Gbrain and move aFhead
Accept that Gyou're one of those Fguys
Who'll be a Gvirgin 'til he Cdies
I don't wanna be a Fballer
Just want some Gskills to count oCn
If my nuts were any sFmaller
They would be Gtotally goCne
If I continue at this Frate
The only thing I'll ever Gdate
Is my EMacBook Pro hard darive
I don't wanna be Cdlooney, nFo, no
GI just wanna survive


AJeremy, my buddy
How's it Dhanging?
GLunch is banging
Had my Asushi,
Got my slushie and Emore!
AThe roll was negimaki
And I'm fDeeling kinda cocky
'Cause that gGirl at Sev' Elev' gave me a geEnerous pour
Oh, I'm lAistening to Marley
And the grDoove is sounding gnarly
And we're alAmost at the end of this sEong
AYeah, that was the end
Now teDll me friend
GHow was class?
You look like Dass
AWhat's wrong?

FChristine Canigula
FChristine Canigula
FChristine Canigula      G 

CI feel my body moving through the air
FSee my converse walking over there
GTake a shaky breath and I prepare
FWho cares if Gpeople think I'm Flame
FChristine signed, GI'll do the same
FI grab the Gpen, I write my name

[Refren 2]
I'm never gonna be the Fcool guy
I'm more the Gone who's left aout
Of all the characters at sFchool
I am not the Gone who the astory's abFout
Why can't someone jeust help me ouAt
And tedach me how to thFrive
dHelp me to mGore than surviFve!

GMore tahan surviFve!
GMore athan survFive!
If this was an apocalyFpse
I would not need any Gtips
In Ehow to stay aalive
But since the zdombie army's yeGt to descend
And the dperiod is gGoing to end
I'm just dtrying my Fbest to Gpass the test and
CC-c-c c'Bmon, cC-c-c- c'moBn,

Go, go
CC-c-c c'Bmon, cC-c-c- c'moBn,
Go, gCo!

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