Make You Feel My Love Bob Dylan

CWhen the rain is blowing iGn your face
B And the whole world is Fon your case
f I would offer you a warmC embrace
D7To make yoG7u feel my loCve.

CWhen evening shadows and Gthe stars appear
AnB d there is no one there to dry Fyour tears
f I could hold you for a millioCn yea ars
D7To make you G7feel my lCove.

FI know you haven't made your minCd up yet
E7But I would nFever do you wrCong.
FI've known it from the moment tChat we met
D7No doubt in my mind where you bGelonG7

CI'd go hungry, I'd go black anGd blue
B I'd go crawling down thFe avenue.
f There's nothing that I wouldnC't doa   
D7To make you G7feel my lCove.

C G B F f C D7 G7 C

FThe storms are raging on the roCllin' sea.
E7And on tFhe highway of rCegret
FThe winds of change are blowing wild Cand free.
D7You ain't seen nothing like me yet.        G7           F/G   

CI could make you happy, make your dGreams come true.
B There’s nothing that I would Fnot do.
f Go to the ends of the earthC for you
D7To make you feG7el my lovCe.
f There is nothing that I woulCd nota do.
D7To make you fG7eel my loCve.

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