Girl From The North Country Bob Dylan

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[intro] G G G G G

e Well, if you're travelin' in the Cnorth countGry fair,
e Where the winds hit heavy on the CborderlineG,
e Remember me to Cone who lives tGhere.
e She once was a tDrue love of mGine.

e Well, if you go when the snowflaCkes storm, G 
e When the rivers freeze and summeCr ends,   G 
e Please see if Cshe's wearing aG coat so warm,
e To keep her froDm the howlin'G winds.

e Please see for me if her hair haCngs long,  G 
e If it rolls and flows all down hCer breast.G 
e Please see forC me if her hairG hangs long,
e That's the way DI remember heGr best.

e I'm a-wonderin' if she remembersC me at all.G 
e Many times I've ofCten prayeGd
e In the darkness Cof my nigGht,
e In the brightness Cof my dayG.

e So if you're travelin' in the noCrth countryG fair,
e Where the winds hit heavy on theC borderlinGe,
e Remember me toC one who lives Gthere.
e She once was aC true love of miGne.

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