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Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy
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Tweeter & the Monkey Man Bob Dylan

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aTweeter and the Monkey Man were Ghard up for cash
They Fstayed up all night selling acocaine and hash
To an undercover cop who had a Gsister named Jan
For Freasons unexplained she loved the aMonkey Man.

Same chord progression throughout..

Tweeter was a boy scout before she went to Vietnam
And found out the hard way, nobody gives a damn (good line)
They knew that they found freedom just across that Jersey line
So they hopped into a stolen car took Highway 99


[still Am]And the walls came down.. eAll the way to hell..
Never D7saw them when they're standing
Never asaw them when they fell

(chorus 2,3,4 play riff, then D Am after this)

Verse 2

The undercover cop never liked the Monkey Man
Even back in childhood he wanted to see him in the can
Jan got married at fourteen to a rackateer named Bill
She made secret calls to the Monkey Man from a mansion on the hill

It was out on thunder road -Tweeter at the wheel
They crashed into paradise -you could hear them tires squeal
The undercover cop pulled up said "Everyone of you is a liar...
If you dont surrender now, it's gonna go down to the wire


Verse 3

An ambulance rolled up -a state trooper close behind
Tweeter took his gun away and messed up his mind    (better line, eh?)
The undercover cop was left tied up to a tree
Near the souvenir stand by tha old abandoned factory

Next day the undercover cop was hot in (sic, he sings "in hot") pursuit
He was taking the whole thing personal,
He didn't care about the loot
Jan had told him many times it was you to me who taught
In Jersey anything's legal as long as you don't get caught


Verse 4

Someplace by Rahway prison they ran out of gas
The undercover cop had cornered them said "Boy. you didn't
think that this could last"
Jan jumped out of bed said "There's someplace I gotta go"
She took a gun out of the drawer and said "It's best if you don't know"

The undercover cop was found face down in a field
The Monkey Man on the river bank using Tweeter as a shield
Jan said to the Monkey Man "I'm not fooled by Tweeters curl
I knew him long before he ever became a Jersey girl" (!it's gettin' complicated)


Verse 5

Now the town of Jersey City is quieting down again
I'm sitting in a gambling club called the Lion's Den
The TV set been blown up, every bit of it is gone
Ever since the nightly news show that the Monkey Man was on

I guess I'll go to Florida and get myself some sun
There ain't no more opportunity here, everything's been done
Sometime I think of Tweeter, some time I think of Jan
Sometime I think of nothing but the Monkey Man

Chorus, repeat and fade

Oceń to opracowanie


Wakacyjny Konkurs Śpiewnikowy

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