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Night Shift

Words by Bob Marley

The sun shall not smite I
By day, nor the moon by night
And everything that I do
Shall be upfull and right

And if it's all night
It got to be alright (Repeat)

Your mamma won't lose this one
You're the lucky one, under the sun
If you make me move
Then you know you got the groove

All night, it's alright
All night yeah! It's alright

Working on the forklift, in the night shift
Working on the night shift, with the forklift
From A.M. to P.M.
Working on a night shift yeah!
Well if it's all night
Warehouse, you're empty yeah!
Right around the corner
Bring your goods
Go around the other corner
Bring your suitcases
By the sweat of my brow
Eat your bread (Repeat)

All night, alright (Repeat)

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