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From: Olivier@globenet.gn.apc.org
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 95 18:04:00 +0000
Subject: Roots, Rock, Reggae (B.Marley)

Roots Rock Reggae
Words and Music Vincent Ford
(c) 1976 Bob Marley Music

tabbed by Olivier Grenet, Olivier@globenet.gn.apc.org

Here is some Bob Marley song. We have to fill this Bob_Marley directory.

There are only three chord in this song,but the most
important is to have a really cool right-hand rythm.
A pretty good exercise for playing reggae !

So, the general pattern of the song goes like this ...

IeI----b -----------------e 7-------7--------b -----------------fis-9--------9-----------

b Play I some mue sic
Thib s a reggae music. fis   
b Roots, Rock, Reggae, e   
This a b reggae music. fis   

b Roots, Rock, Reggae,  e   
This a rb eggae music.  fis   
b Hey mister music,e   
b sure sound good te o me fis   

I can't refuse it
what to be, got to be
Feel like dancing
dance 'cause we are free
Feel like dancing,
come dance with me

Roots Rock Reggae
This a reggae music
Roots Rock Reggae
This a reggae music
Play I some music
This a reggae music
Play I some music
This a reggae music

Plb ay I some R an B e whoaa
Wab nt all my people to see  fis   
We bubbling on the top one hundred
just like a mighty dread

Play I some R and B
Want all my people to see
We bubbling on the top one hundred
Just like a mighty dread

Enjoy, and peace, Jah live !

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