I`m alive Celine Dion

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wstęp: MDismmm...   Mcmmm...   I geGist wings to fly   BOh, I'm aDislive

Dis / Dis / Dis / Es /

DisWhen you call on me   When I hcear you breath
I get wGisings to fly    I feBel that I'm alDisive  Dis  
When you lcook at me
I can tGisouch the sky  I kBnow that I'm alDisive  Dis  

c / Gis B /

DisWhen you bless the day I just drcift away
All my woGisrries die I'm gBlad that I'm aDislive Dis  
You've scet my heart on fire
Filled me with lGisove  Made me a wBoman on clouds aDisbove Dis  

I ccouldn't get much higher
My spirit takes fGislight  Cause I'm aBlive    Dis  

Dis(When you call on me) When you call on me (Wchen I hear you breath) When I hear you breath
I get wGisings to fly I feel tBhat I'm alDisive ....          I Disam alive
(When you recach for me)When you reach for me
Raising spGisirits high God knBows that

fThat I'll be theGis one
Standicng by through good and through tBrying times
CisAnd it's only bfegun  I can'tDis wait for the rest of my lBife

(FWhen you call on me) When you call on me (Whedn you reach for me) When you reach for me
I get Bwings to fly I fCeel that
(WhFen you bless the day) when you bless   I jdust drift away
All my woBrries die   I'm glCad that I'm alidve

I get wiBngs to fly   God kCnows that I'm alFive

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    maria from denmark!
    i love that song! :)
    · Zgłoś · 17 lat temu
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    do dddd
    do dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd...
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