Climbing Up The Walls Chris Cornell

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I keep seeing your face
When my eyes are closed
I'm remembering how
It used to go
Nearly comatose
Or going out of your head
You're still on that road

So what's in your mind
When you kill more than time
You're sinking so low
Thinking you will be high
Biting your lip
While you're losing
Your mind alone
God knows

You're climbing up
The walls
You’re just climbing up
The walls

Now you're reaching
That age
Where you should know
How to figure it out
All on your own
On the far side of town
Is a room you love
I started tearing it down
Thinking you would follow

The road won't rise and ease your crying
If you do nothing
If you do nothing
The world won't try
To change your mind
If you don't change at all

You're climbing up the walls.
You're just climbing up the walls.
You're climbing up the walls.

*Acoustic bit*
Drunk. He's fast asleep.
He's so tired. Makes me weep.
He stays up all night workin' on his songs.
But then I guess we all do the same thing.
He's sleepy...

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