Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart Chris Cornell

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Everytime I dstare inGto the sdun
Try to findd a reason Gto go Fon  A 
All I evder get is burnGed and bldind
GUntil the skFy bleeds the pGouring Arain

When you came dalong the tGime was ridght
dPulled me like an apple rGed and rFipe
WAasn’t very ldong you tGook a bidte
GAnd did me wrFong -and it seGrves me rAight

dI nearly fAorgot my bFroken heaGrt
It’s dtaken me Gmiles awFay  A 
From the mdemory ofA how we broFke aparGt
dHere we go rAound agdain

Every litdtle key unlocGks the dodor
Every litdtle secret Ghas a lFie  A 
Try to take ad picture ofG the sdun
GAnd it wont hFelp you to seGe the ligAht

Every littled word upoGn your lidps
Makes a ldittle cut whereG blood pours ouFt    A 
Every little ddrop of bloGod I kissd 
That I won’Gt miss -Fnot forG anythiAng

Id nearly fAorgot my bFroken heaGrt
It’s dtaken me Gmiles aFway   A 
From the dmemory of Ahow we bFroke apaGrt
d A C..
Here we go round again

EvCery single fFeeling tells me this is leGading
To a Aheart in brCoken littleF pieces
And you know I Gneed this
Like a hdole Cin the head    d    C   d    C 

d G d G d G F A
d G d G d G F A

CEvery single feeFling tells me this is leGading
To aA heart in brCoken little Fpieces
And you know I nGeed this  d 
Like a hole inG the head

I ndearly foArgot my bFroken hearGt
Itd’s taken Gme milesF away  A 
From tdhe memory Aof how weF broke aGpart
dHere we goA round agCain

I ndearly Aforgot my Fbroken hearGt
It’ds taken me Gmiles awFay    A 
From thed memory of Ahow we bFroke apaGrt
dHere we go Around agaCin

G d C

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