Lost In Flight Chris Norman

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Like a bird that's lost in flight
There's a corner of my mind
Says I'm losing everything
That it took so long to find
In my ordinary world
From the moment I arise
Well the dream goes on and on
Like a love that never dies

Always running everywhere
I don't know if I know who I am
Satisfaction incomplete
It's not enough I'm doing what I can

Come here, go there, try another one
Oh I don't give a shit
Unsung hero tell me what you've done
It confuses me a bit

Chorus (repeat)

Early one morning
I awoke from a dream
Well I dreamed of my Father
I don't know what that means
I had to ask his name
I had to ask, I had to know
I had to ask, oh can you show
I need to know the way, can you show me the way

Chorus (repeat)

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