Love Is... Chris Norman

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Heaven must have send you
Look what you have done
Now two hearts are beating
Beating just as one
Help me, oh I'm feeling
It's love will never end
Made for me in heaven
I feel it once again
Everyday with you, babe
It's a day in paradise
Love will come to me
It's no surprise

Love is always like the first time
Love is thunder in my heart
Love is talking to an angel
There's nothing to keep us apart

Your heartbeat is a love beat
And I'll be by your side
I'll always find the answer
Baby, in your eyes
Love you like I never have loved someone before
Oh, my heart beats faster
I need you more and more
There nowhere ways to love you
It's a journey to your heart
And everyday is like a brand new start


Love is like a heart on fire
And ever and ever
I hold you here in my arms

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