The Sound of Silence Disturbed

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Intro x2

Zwrotka 1

fisHello darkness, my old Efriend,
I've come to talk with you fisagain,
Because a vision softDly creepAing,
Left its seeds while I waDs sleeAping,
And the Dvision that was planted in my Abrain
Still rfisemains
Within the Esound of fissilence.
Zwrotka 2

fisIn restless dreams I walkedE alone
Narrow streets of cofisbblestone,
Neath the halo of aD street Alamp,
I turned my collar to the Dcold and Adamp
When my Deyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon Alight
That split the fisnighAt
And touched the Esound of fissilence.
Zwrotka 3

fisAnd in the naked light I Esaw
Ten thousand people, maybefis more.
People talking withDout speaAking,
People hearing withDout listAening,
People writing Dsongs that voices never Ashare
And no one fisdaredA 
Disturb the Esound of fissilence.
Zwrotka 4

fis"Fools" said I, "You do not Eknow
Silence like a cancer fisgrows.
Hear my words that I Dmight Ateach you,
Take my arms that ID might rAeach you."
But my Dwords like silent raindrops Afellfis,  
AAnd echoed In the wEells of sfisilence.
Zwrotka 5

fisAnd the people bowed and Eprayed
To the neon god fisthey made.
And the sign flashed out iDts warniAng,
In the words that iDt was foArming.
And the sign said, the wDords of the prophets are written on the subway Awalls
And tenementfis hallAs.
And whisper'd in the Esounds offis silence.

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