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AAs the snow flies... On a C#mi7cold and grey Chicago morning
A Dpoor little baby E7child is born in the Aghetto
And his Amamma cries... 'Cos if tC#mi7here's one thing that she dont need
It's Danother hungry moE7uth to feed in the gAhetto

People dont you uEnderstand
The child needs a hDelping hAand
Or hDe'll gonna be an aEngry young man some dAay
Take a look at yEou and me
Are we too blDind to sAee
Or dDo we simply tC#miurn our heads and lBmiook the other E7way

Well, the Aworld turns... And a C#mi7hungry little boy with a runny nose
DPlays in the street as the E7cold wind blows in the Aghetto
And his Ahunger burns... So he C#mi7starts to roam the streets at night
And he Dlearns how to steal and he E7learns how to fight in the gAhetto

ThEen one night in desperation the yDoung man breaks aAway
He bDuys a gun, he sC#mi7teals a car,
He tBmiries to run but he E7dont get far

And his Amamma cries... Gis a C#mi7crowd gathers round an angry young man
Face Ddown in the street with a E7gun in his hand in the gAhetto
And as her Ayoung man dies... On a C#mi7cold and grey Chicago morning
AnDother little baby cE7hild is born in the ghAetto...

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