All I could do was cry Etta James

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GisI  Cisheard Dischurch bells Gisring
I Cisheard a Dischoir Gissinging
CisI saw my Dislove walk Gisdown the f aisle
on her Cisfinger Dis  he placed Gisa ring

Whoahhhh whoah..

CisI saw them  Dis  holding Gishands
She was Cisstanding there Dis  with my Gman
CisI heard them Dispromise, "'Til Gisdeath do us f part"
Each Cisword Was a Dispain in my Gisheart

Chorus :
CisAll I could Disdo was cGisry
All I could do was cry
CisI was Dislosing the Gisman that I f love
and Cisall I could Disdo was Giscry

And Cisnow the Diswedding is Gisover
CisRice, rice Dishas been thrown over their Gisheads
CisFor them Dislife has Gisjust f begun
but Cismine is Disat an Gisend

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