Fool that I am Etta James

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Cis7+ Fool that I aB- m,   
For dis9falling in love with you.
And a, fooCis7+ l that I am, B-      
For tdis9hinking you loved me, too.

You tooCis7+ k my heart,
Then plCis+ayed the part of ldis7ittle coF7quette.
And, ab7 ll my dreams just disappeDis7ared
Like the smokdis9e from a cigarette.

Cis7+ Fool that I amB- ,    
For hopdis9ing you'd understand.
And thiCis7+ nking you
Would lCis+isten, too,
And, ohdis9, the things I had planned.

But weFis7+ couldn't see eye tfis7o eye
So, daCis7+ rling, darling, darling,
F7This is goodbye.
dis7But I still care, but I still care,
Gis13And oh, fool that I am.Cis7+       

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