Begin the Beguine Frank Sinatra

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Begin the Beguine

AWhen they beA6gin   AM7    A6   the begAuine,A6    AM7      A6  

It briAngs back the soA6und  AM7 of A6music so teE7nder,

It brb ings back a nb7 ight of tb ropical splb7 endor,

Bm7-5 E7 E7sus4 E7 A9 A
It brings back a memory ever green.

AI'm with you once mA6ore AM7   A6under the stAars, A6      AM7      A6  

And dAown by the sAM7hore, fis7 an orchestra's E7playing;

E7 Bm7-5 E7 D
And even the palms seem to be swaying

E7When theyE7sus4 begin  E7  the begAuine. A6     AM7      A6  


To la ive it again D7  is past all endGeavor

Excg ept when that tC7une clutches my hFM7eart,  F 

And C- there we are,d swearing to love forEever, F 

And promising neEver,d7 never to pEart. E7  

What moments diviAne, A6   AM7  what raA6pture serAene, A6    AM7      A6  

Til clAouds came along to dispA7erse the joy we had tE7asted;

d Bm7-5
And now when I hear people curse the chance that was wasted,

E7 Bm7-5 E7 A9 A
I know but too well what they mean.

E7So don't lA6et them begin  AM7 the beguA6ine,

E7Let  the loAve that was once a A6fire remain an E7ember;

D b7 C#m7-5 fis
Let it sleep like the dead desire I only re - mem - ber

Bm7-5 E7 Bm7-5 E7 A A6
When they begin the beguine.

E7Oh, yes, lAet them begin the begA6uine, make them plAay,   AM7     A6  

E7Til  the sAtars that were there beA6fore reAM7turn abE7ove you,

D b7 C#m7-5 Fis7
Til you whisper to me once more, "Darling, I love you."

b7 Bm7-5
And we suddenly know . . .what heaven we're in

When they begE7in the begAuine,a7    

b7 When they begin d6   E7 the begAuine.A6    AM7      A6     A 

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