Strangers In the Night Frank Sinatra

Strangers In the Night
Słowa i muzyka - Charles Singleton, Eddie Snyder & Bert Kampfert
Frank Sinatra, 1966

Intro: e7/6 A7 A7sus4 D Cdim(IV) A7

D9Strangers in my nightD exchanging glances,

DM7Won'dring in the nightD6 what were the chances

b We'd be sharing b7 love before the b night was thre ouge9 h.  e    e7    

A7Something in your eyes was so inviting,

A9Something in your smA7ile was A9so exA7citing

e7 A7 e A7sus4 A7 D Cdim(IV) A7
Something in my heart told me I must have you.


DM7Strangers in the night,

Two lonely pD6eople, we were stfisrangers in the niB7ght,

Until the moment when we se aid our first "hello,"

B+Little did we know.

e7 Love was just a glG6ance away,

A wAarm eA7sus4m-bra-cing daAnce A9a - wAay!

D9Ever since that nightD we've been together

DM7Lovers at first sight D6 in love forever

e It turned out so rA7ighte  for strangerA7sus4s in  A7the nDigDM7ht. D6   fis   

(Wstawka instrumentalna: refren)

D9Ever since that night D we've been together

DM7Lovers at first sightD6 in love forever

e It turned out so riA7ghte  for strangersA7sus4 in  A7the niDghDM7t.  D6   fis    D6  

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