In rhythm of our hearts Friends

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Sometimes it tires me
When you raise voice
And This słów
I lacks no this I want
Love this no this I Remind You znów
Because this from our hearts

Has to flow tone
Life to give sense
One from many truths to change something to Repair Your world
In rhythm of our hearts it comes into being our world

Sounds attain clouds
From thousands' years
In our hearts something plays

This therefore I am here
In rhythm of our hearts day

Passes after day
To next best was it is

That we will live better
In rhythm of our hearts of so many belief!
Do not think about me bad
And do not treat so I did not make This surrender anything

Let poniesie of us finished onto sudden effort Because this in resource somewhere
Love wakes it Gives You to know You it will Be better how
Myself you will convince you can not yourself fear!

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