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Last night in Chicago, last week in New York last christmas between near and far.... If i search for one thingthat Ireally cant find, the answer must be in my heart. I count every second since you went away, lost one million faces at all, but the world turns around while the time`s passin`by,let evertything live and let die... Refrain: I want you tcome back and carry me home, through thunderstorm lightning and fears. So i walk trough the world and see your face again, i wish that one day you`ll be there... You`ll be there... I wish that one day you`ll be there You`ll be there... How i wish that one day you`ll be there you`ll be there...... Strophe II: I wish one day in my heart, there is more than pleasure and pain... I´m with you when sleep comes, I find you in dreams, imaging that you call my name. Where are you where have you been so long ago, that my heart remember t all? Why this life must be so hard with you in my mind? please leave my head leave me alone! Refrain: .....................

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