As It Was Hozier

Tekst piosenki i chwyty na gitarę

  • Chwyty na gitarę monixx
a There is a roadway, muddy and foxgloved
Whenever I'd have life enough, my heart is screamin' of
And in a few days I would be there, love
Whatever here that's left of me is yours just as it wFas

FJust as it Gwas, e baby
Before the a otherness Ccame d      F 
And I knew its name  G     e   
The drug, the dark, the e light, the d flame

The a highs at the heights of my Gbaby
And it's hoCld had the fight of my d baby
The liFghts were as bright as my a baby
FBut your love was unma oved  a   

Tell me if somehow, some of it remaines
How long you would wait for me?
And how long I've been away
The shape that I'm in now, you're shape in the doorway
Make your good love known to me
Just tell me 'bout your day

Just as it was, baby
Before the otherness came
And I knew its name
The drug, the dark, the light, the flame

The highs at the heights of my baby
And it's hold had the fight of my baby
The lights were as bright as my baby
But your love was unmoved

And the a sights were as stark as my Gbaby
And the Ccold cut as sharp as my d baby
And the Fnights were as dark as my a baby
And Fhalf as beautia ful too

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