Narceritos jay malinowski

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Hey Lenny, don't those city lights look real pretty
as the moon cascades a smile over Main and Hastings
You came in from the hammer on a grey hound coach out west
you'll find those narceritos waiting for you with a kiss

I'll say my good byes, and leave you with a smile
I don't have many friends around here but the gesture is worth the while
Cause the boys downtown in the government are waiting for our votes
but the narceritos are making sure they get that tax we owe

Did you hear they don't want your safe house here anymore
and they cut the arts with a steely knife and send kids off to war
There's no room for an addict or an artist in the house
It's law and order all the while in a narceritos smile

So Lenny, this city sleeps and now I'll say goodbye
Cause we've ain't got no business in these chambers of our times
So if you'd rather put your money, on a 8-ball piece of mind
Well its all going to the government and organized crime

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