Vacant youth jay malinowski

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There she goes, go with the thorns
A crowd to which she was born
She gets lost and torn, at times in a war
Looking for sinking scores

There's a boy, who constant is swaying
Crowding in the door way
Thinking of rooms all painted pale blue
Are we just walking through

It's a vacant youth

So come on you youth
Vacant and true
Take your seat on the floor
We blew up the walls
With our youthful wrongs
But yeah we still got those songs

It's a vacant youth

So hey missed and thrown
Your terrible joke
To the women come and go
A fashionable quote
And Michelangelo
A call too painfully wrong

It's a vacant youth
And it's a vacant youth
Well I guess it's a vacant youth

Sons of daughters, daughters and fathers
Those buried well fans we've become
A job in defense
Or a wife to give fence
Well I wish you well in the end

It's a vacant youth

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