A.S.A.P. Jay -Z

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Jay's back, asap, crowd awaits, they clap
Stage black, gladiator blaze from the playback
I take center stage, a-k spray raps
What more can I say that I haven't said they ask
Covered drugs, slung crack, fatherless sons, sung about that
You an feel the real in every one of my raps
Push whips, pull chicks, side step every one of they traps
They tap, them feds dont play fair
They pay rats to say that there
Part of your operation, their the doctor your the patient nigga
Open heart surgery, no anesthesia, lay back
No love for us bad boys, take that
Hey thats the chance that we take, tryin' to make that
Maybach Seats way way back
Cops versus robbers and they don't play wit cap guns
You learn that, rather young, hearin bullets whiz through your wave cap
Paint that, scenes don't play back
Everyday I wake I see a wake so I vacate where it's safe at
No I ain't scared, im just afraid that
I'll kill you and wind up given all this paper that I made back
And that ain't hot, that ain't the jay that I know
He use his brain for more than a place to pull the braids at
I'm to high on life, way back
If you crave rap, shave crack, Jay's back bitches

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