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I Chear you're ahlive
Howa disappointing
I've Calso surhvived,
no athanks to you
Did I anot bring you some Eglee
Mister aOh, Look at Eme?
Now I'll aburn all the Ememories of ayou

All those alonely miles Ethat you aride      E 
Now you'll awalk with Eno one by your aside        E 
Did you aever even Ecare
With your aswords and your stupid Ehair?

Now watch me laugh
As I aburn all the Ememories of ayou
aLadies and gentlemen
aYou have been the most beautiful audience!
aRemember to toss a coin if you can
aIf anyone needs me,
aI'll be at the bar

What for do you ayеarn?
It's the point of no dreturn
After Eеverything we did, we saw
EYou turned your back on me
EWhat for do you ayeharCn?
CWatch that butcher Fburn   G 
At the Eend of my days when I'm through
No Eword that I've written
will Ering quite as true as aburn
Burn, butcher dburn
Burn, butcher Eburn
E E E E ...
Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn
Watch me Cburn all the hmemories of ayou

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